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An Uptick of Violence

At the beginning of May 2020, I noticed an increase in the news stories about police brutality racially-motivated incidences:

Breonna Taylor was fatally shot 8 times while sleeping in bed.

Travis Miller was prevented from leaving a gated community after making a delivery.

Ahmaud Arbery was followed, chased and fatally shot multiple times after leaving a construction site.

Stephon Scott was pushed to the ground and punched in the head by officers for failing to social distance.

Donni Wright was pushed down, had an officer sit on his head, and punched for failing to social distance.

Albert Jones was pushed against a car and handcuffed for failing to social distance.

Antonio Rivera was slammed to the ground, had his head bashed into the street, was knocked unconscious and cuffed by police for failing to social distance.

Fitzroy Gayle was followed out of a park, questioned about marijuana, detained, thrown down, had his ankle stood on and cuffed.

Christian Cooper was threatened with 911, told "I'm going to tell them an African-American man is threatening to kill me", called 911 screaming, while being video-taped and choking a dog.

George Floyd was stopped after an alleged forgery and pinned to the ground by having a knee being placed on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds resulting in his death.

The eradication of the culture of violence by the police and the culture of racial oppression in the United States is the goal.


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