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Companies Stepping Up

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Here is a partial list of companies who have committed to help the cause of ending systemic racism or pledged money to help the cause:

Nickelodeon issued a citizen's rights statement

Washington Post reaching out to Black illustrators for hire

Twitter removed a white supremacist account

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Calls for the dismantling of white supremacy

Snap Chat CEO, Evan Spiegel calls for reparations

Walt Disney $5 million pledge to support nonprofits

Bank of America $1 billion pledge to fight racial inequality

Peloton $500,000 to NAACP legal defense fund

Intel $1 million to anti-racism programs

Verizon $10 million to organizations for racial justice

Facebook $10 million to organizations for racial justice

Sources: Twitter, Fast Company, Business Insider, KTRK-TV, The Hill, Pop Sugar, CRN, CNET, and Forbes

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