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Silent No More

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The tragic death of George Floyd catapulted many of us onto action. Until now, I have sat by silently and watched too many things addressed by other people, all while holding an opinion deep inside. No more.

I have remarked about the senseless violence that plagues our communities and decided to tune in to the Kansas City Police Commissioners Meeting on 7/6/2020. Although I no longer live there, what happens in Kansas City (and all violent communities) still affects me. I am learning about the role of commissioners and how the department functions. Perhaps I can offer suggestions about evidence-based violence prevention strategies at some point. I am working on it.

On Friday 7/10/2020, I participated in the Congressional Black Caucus’ Virtual Town Hall which aired on Facebook. I submitted many comments about the need to address the wealth disparity in poor, Black communities by introducing a comprehensive reparations bill which would include a cash payout of $14 trillion for the descendants of people who were enslaved within the United States.

I have become so inspired by the work of Antonio Moore, attorney and documentary-filmmaker; Yvette Carnell, political analyst; Dr. William “Sandy” Darity, Professor of Economics, Duke University; and Dr. Kevin Cosby, President of Simmons College and pastor of St. Steven's Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky. Their commitment to improving the lives of Black Americans has created a movement that has the goal of expanding our political education and seeking a Black agenda from our elected-officials.

I began writing Race, Poverty, & Progress: An American Paradox to examine our lives and communities. I want the reader to understand that although our conditions often arise out of systemic oppression, we can grow beyond its bondage. I feel fortunate to contribute to these efforts and through them, hopefully, we will find the liberty and justice we seek.


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