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The Shop is Open!

Introducing the Donna Jackson LLC online store! I have been so busy preparing to launch this facet of my business and I am eager to share it with you. Since I was born an artist, I have decided to sell my artwork through my business. Now you have the chance to add a unique piece of artwork to your gallery as well as support Black creatives and Black business.

Additionally, I sell the book which I authored entitled Race, Poverty, & Progress: An American Paradox, which has been well received and is available in e-book and paperback forms. This book explores how we are “shaped” by the world around us, and it challenges the reader to redefine success.

I have also produced two video series: Black History Alive! and Sentiments. Black History Alive! was inspired by my desire to highlight some of the moments and honor some of the people in Black History who have been important to me. Sentiments is video series that I created to feature my interests like cooking and fashion. Since, I am a vintage clothing collector and clothing designer, clothing has always been important to me, and I feature unique pieces from my collection. My cooking tutorials reflect my desire to share some of the recipes I regularly enjoy with viewers.

Finally, my overall mission is to help people explore, understand, and celebrate Black American culture and identity and I believe I am doing just that.

I will soon be restocking the online store with additional pieces of artwork, and hope to add graphic t-shirts, holiday décor, and other resale items. To enter the store, click shop. Enjoy!


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